The AI Content Fightback: Detecting GPT Content Like OpenAI

Spending 200 dollars on AI generated content

30th November 2022 was quite a big day: Microsoft-backed OpenAI released ChatGPT, an AI ‘chat bot’ which is… significantly more powerful than the 2000-era chat bots we are used to. Someone built a virtual machine inside ChatGPT. Others used it to write short movies, code for their job, essays for school and college, and a … Read more

Some Handy Jekyll Snippets

Many websites I visit nowadays seem quite bloated. Fairly plain websites whose pages carry out 200+ HTTP requests, pages with 1 MB+ of Javascript to download before they can render a simple website etc. Hence I’ve found Jekyll to be a really useful tool in generating simple, static HTML websites – but with the power of blog … Read more

Plagiarism Guard source code on Github

Plagiarism Guard ScanResults full

In 2014 I started re-writing Plagiarism Guard in Python 3 using the Django framework (after starting off writing it in PHP). Plagiarism Guard was a plagiarism detection service. I mainly did this to teach myself Python (kudos to Learn Python the Hard Way) and also implement some (very!) basic NLP. I recently came across the source code and since … Read more

Java 8 Spring Cloud Scalable Microservice Demo on Github

View on GitHub

As mentioned on the homepage, whilst I am a full stack developer overall, I am currently doing more work on the server side area – especially with building more diverse, cloud-oriented applications.; mainly using Java 8 and Spring Cloud. Spring Cloud is a collection of tools, mainly of whom are powered by Netflix technologies such as: Eureka – … Read more

Update to Lightweight jQuery Lightbox – For jQuery V3

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Back in 2014, I knocked up a simple jQuery image lightbox script based on jQuery V1. However this script now needs a slight tweak to work for V3, hence the final script has been updated at, and also on GitHub The only change is due to a change in jQuery 3’s breaking change to the load() function signature, and … Read more

How To: Add A Django RSS Feed Reader

Note: This article was written in late 2014, and whilst a lot of the commands and advise in this article are still relevant, a couple of links might be to an old ‘end of line’ version of software Plagiarism Guard’s footer has a ‘Blog Feed’ section which lists the five most recent blog posts from … Read more